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About Bevvy®

Bevvy is a place to learn about and appreciate cocktails and spirits, and our mission is to help everyone enjoy enhanced and delightful beverage experiences.

Bevvy makes it easy to track all the cocktails you've tried and want to try, show off your booze collection, and create a drink menu for your next cocktail party. Or, lean back with your favorite tipple, and read entertaining and inspiring stories about all things drink.

Bevvy is a community of cocktail enthusiasts, spirit aficionados, and everyday people who just like a great drink. Together we can change the world (or at least live life to the fullest), one drink at a time.

So have a look around, and stay thirsty. Cheers.


Who You Are

You, our audience, come from all over the world and from all different age groups. But mostly, you are taste-conscious adult millennials. You love brands with authentic and interesting backstories. Always on the lookout for unique and varied experiences, you demand quality and flavor from your beverages, among other things in life.

Ages 21-44
Mobile Users
as of April 2017

Who We Are

We are Bevvy—a small group of bon vivants passionate about cocktails and spirits. We love a well-balanced cocktail, and wish to share that love with others. We're also known to day drink from time to time—because hey, it's work.

  • Jay Hung
    Whisky enthusiast, former bartender, and current troublemaker.
  • Kevin Gray
    Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief
    Food & Drink writer and founder of Cocktail Enthusiast.
  • Matt Pietrek
    Rum Master
    Bevvy columnist and resident rum expert. The OG Cocktail Wonk.
  • Eric Twardzik
    Boston Ambassador
    Writer and frequent imbiber living in Boston. Believes in the healing powers of Fernet.
  • Will Shenton
    Writer, music journalist, and enthusiastic—if amateur—brewer and mixologist.
  • Aubrey Schuster
    Chicago Ambassador
    Enjoys undisclosed cocktail spots, high class joints, and low life drinking partners.
  • Ericson deJesus
    Bevvy Advisor
    User experience expert, Frog Design, Yahoo, Apple. Co-founder, Particle Programmatica (acquired by Apple)
  • Daniel Djang
    Bevvy Advisor
    Co-founder, Art Beyond the Glass. Award-winning blogger, Thirsty in LA.
  • Dave Stolte
    Bevvy Advisor
    Cocktail scholar and author, Home Bar Basics. 2x ToTC Spirited Award nominee. Designer and award-winning illustrator, Wexler.
  • Joe Cannella
    Bevvy Expert
    Founder, Cannella Spirits.
  • Warren Bobrow
    Bevvy Expert
    Cocktail Whisperer. Barman and spirits instructor. Author, Cannabis Cocktails, Apothecary Cocktails, and Whiskey Cocktails.

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