cuba libre

cuba libre

The Cuba Libre is a classic rum cocktail comprised of three simple parts: rum, lime and cola.

As the story goes, to celebrate the end of the Cuban War of Independence, an American soldier named Captain Russell ordered a drink of Bacardi gold rum with Coke and lime. When onlookers inquired as to its name, Russel proposed a toast. “Por Cuba libre,” or “for a free Cuba.” And while he likely wasn’t the first to mix together those complementary ingredients, he very well might’ve been the first to name it. So that, friends, is how the Cuba Libre was born. And this is how you’ll make it.


2 oz rum
4 oz cola
Lime wedges

Build drink over ice in a collins glass. Squeeze two lime wedges, and drop them in. Add rum and top with cola. Stir and serve.

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