breakfast negroni

This continues Negroni Week, an annual celebration presented by Imbibe Magazine and Campari that champions this great cocktail while raising money for charitable causes around the world. We’ll be participating with a week of Negroni coverage.

breakfast negroni

Wildhawk is a new San Francisco bar from Jacques Bezuidenhout and Ken Luciano–the guys behind establishments like Forgery and Verso. Opened in April, it’s already made quite a name for itself. We got the chance to visit on a recent trip to San Francisco and found a lot to like inside. So it’s Wildhawk we’re turning to today for a Negroni Week special–one that will add a little gin to your mornings.

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by for a drink. Otherwise, here’s how to start drinking Breakfast Negronis at home.

Breakfast Negroni

1 oz Beefeater Gin
1 oz Campari
1 oz Cocoa Puff-infused Vermouth*
1 Dash Chocolate Salt Bitters

Combine gin, Campari and vermouth in a mixing glass and add ice. Stir and strain over fresh ice. Garnish with an orange peel.

*Cocoa Puff-Infused Vermouth: Add Cocoa Puffs to Martini Gran Lusso Vermouth for one hour, then strain through a tea strainer to remove cereal from vermouth.

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