Bellini Recipe

Prosecco, Peach Puree

The Bellini is a classic champagne cocktail made with sparkling wine (often Prosecco, since it's an Italian drink), peach puree, and optionally peach liqueur. It has long been a favorite at brunch, as it introduces some fresh, fruity flavors that pair fantastically with breakfast foods. While the Bellini has a reputation for being a bit of a girly drink, we think that's an old-fashioned idea—this is a cocktail that anyone can enjoy.

Invented in 1945 at Harry's Bar in Venice, Italy, the Bellini was originally created to get rid of an excess of peaches bartender Giuseppe Cipriani had on hand. It gets its name from the Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini, who is known for having brought rich, vivacious colors to the otherwise fairly muted style of the day—just like what this drink will bring to your brunch table.

Bellini Ingredients

4.5 oz sparkling wine (traditionally Prosecco)
1 oz white peach puree
1/2 oz peach or raspberry liqueur (optional)

How to make a Bellini

  1. Add peach puree to a mixing glass with no ice.
  2. Add sparkling wine slowly, stirring gently so as not to lose the effervescence.
  3. Strain into a champagne flute and serve.
  4. Optionally, float the peach or raspberry liqueur on top.