Black Velvet Recipe

Stout, Champagne
Black Velvet
The Black Velvet cocktail is a favorite of St. Patrick's Day revelers everywhere, as it takes a classic Guinness stout (you can use any, but that's the most popular) and adds a celebratory dose of champagne or sparkling wine to make it feel festive. It's bubbly, satisfying, and sure to be a hit with folks who are tired of just drinking beer with green food coloring in it.

Black Velvet Ingredients

5 oz chilled Stout
5 oz chilled Champagne

How to make a Black Velvet

  1. Fill a Collins glass halfway with stout and allow the foam to dissipate a bit.
  2. Float the Champagne on top of the stout by pouring it gently over the top of an upside-down spoon, filling the glass.
Black Velvet