Caipirinha Recipe

Sugar, Lime, Cachaça
The Caipirinha is generally known as the national cocktail of Brazil, and is certainly the most famous drink made with cachaça, a Brazilian sugar cane-based spirit that resembles rhum agricole. It's a fairly simple cocktail, sort of a South American analog of the Mint Julep. All that's involved is muddled lime, sugar, and cachaça, so it's a pretty powerful , spirit-forward drink even with the citrusy sweetness. If you want to take the edge off (or if you're simply using a cheap cachaça), we recommend using crushed ice, as it melts faster.

Caipirinha Ingredients

2 tsp/barspoons granulated sugar (or simple syrup)
4-6 lime wedges
2 oz cachaça

How to make a Caipirinha

  1. Add the lime wedges and sugar or simple syrup to an Old-Fashioned glass and muddle.
  2. Fill the glass with ice.
  3. Add cachaça, stir gently, and serve.