Champagne Jello Shots Recipe

Grape Jello, Water, Champagne
Champagne Jello Shots
Follow the cocktail recipe below to make a delicious Champagne Jello Shots.

Champagne Jello Shots Ingredients

1 package jello (orange or grape flavor work well, but any will do)
1 cup boiling water
1 cup chilled champagne

How to make a Champagne Jello Shots

  1. Mix the jello powder with boiling water until fully dissolved (refer to the instructions on the box as necessary).
  2. Let the mixture sit for a while, and cool to room temperature.
  3. Slowly add the champagne to the mixture, stirring evenly.
  4. Pour the mixture into ice cube trays, and refrigerate until set.
  5. To remove the jello, dip the trays in hot water for about 5 seconds, then run a knife around the sides of the jello to separate it from the tray.
  6. Place all of your jello cubes onto a serving plate or into a large bowl, and serve with tongs.
Champagne Jello Shots