Got Milk Chocolate Vodka Latte Recipe

Chocolate Straw, Vodka, Coffee
We came up with this on a hot night, looking at cold coffee and old fashioned juice glasses. The chocolate straws sell at my store and we wanted to create a 'grown-up' drink using them. When you suck the vodka/coffee through the chocolate straw it just becomes and amazing alcohol moment.

Got Milk Chocolate Vodka Latte Ingredients

2 ounces vodka
2-3 ounces cold/ room temperature coffee
1- Got Milk Chocolate Straw

How to make a Got Milk Chocolate Vodka Latte

  • Chill vodka and add 2 ounces to a 5 ounce glass, top with cold or room temp., coffee add one Got Milk Chocolate Straw and slurp. Nummy.