Hard Cider Sangria

Brandy, Hard Apple Cider, Fruit, Juice
Hard Cider Sangria
Photo for Mary Kay Holmes
A fun and easy cocktail to make for friends on a hot day or while watching sports! Autumn flavors make this one a year round winner.

Hard Cider Sangria Ingredients

Half an apple
Half an orange
Half a lemon
4 jiggers of brandy (6oz)
2 jiggers OJ (3oz)
4 jiggers apple juice or cider (6oz)
Hard Cider to taste or fill the glass

How to make a Hard Cider Sangria

  1. Add the sliced fruit to a jar with brandy and juice. I would pre-batch this the morning or even day before, then all you have to do is add to a glass with cider and you are good to go! You could make a big pretty pitcher of everything right before you serve as well.
  2. Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpNfMES1tiM
Hard Cider Sangria