Irish Mule

Irish Whiskey, Ginger Beer, Lime Juice
Irish Mule
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The Irish Mule cocktail is a simple Moscow Mule variation, made with Irish whiskey as the base spirit instead of the traditional vodka. It's similar in character to the Kentucky Mule, with its slightly sweet, malty whiskey (depending on the brand you use, of course), but this one's a little more at home on St. Patrick's Day.

When it comes to the Irish Mule, we suggest using a dry, spicy ginger beer, as a sweet one can be cloying (especially in concert with the Irish whiskey). Fentimans or Reed's work great, but even if you can't find those, make sure that you're using ginger beer, never ginger ale. Otherwise it's not an Irish Mule.

This cocktail may also be known as

Jameson Mule, Irish Buck


Irish Mule Ingredients

2 oz Irish whiskey
5 oz ginger beer
0.5 oz lime juice

How to make an Irish Mule

  • Add all ingredients to a mug (preferably copper) or Collins glass with ice, garnish with a lime wedge, and enjoy.
Irish Mule