Jägerbomb Recipe

Red Bull, Jägermeister
The Jägerbomb (or Jäger Bomb) has something of a bad reputation, and perhaps for good reason—it's almost always associated with crazy, regrettable nights out at a club, and the huge amount of caffeine in Red Bull mixed with the alcohol in Jägermeister can actually be quite dangerous if consumed in large quantities. That said, this is a hugely popular drink, and it will certainly get you in the mood for a party, so we'll just say: please drink responsibly!
This cocktail may also be known as

Jäger Bomb


Jägerbomb Ingredients

1.5 oz Jägermeister
Red Bull

How to make a Jägerbomb

  1. Fill an Old-Fashioned glass 2/3 full with Red Bull.
  2. Serve with a shot glass full of Jägermeister.
  3. Drop the shot of Jägermeister into the Red Bull, and knock the whole thing back in one go.
  4. Try to maintain your dignity.
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