Kentucky Mule Recipe

Bourbon, Ginger Beer, Lime Juice
Kentucky Mule
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The Kentucky Mule is a Southern twist on the Moscow Mule swaps the original vodka for bourbon. Like many other Moscow Mule variations, all it does is change the base spirit, and the rest of the recipe remains the same: ginger beer and lime juice in a snazzy copper mug. We recommend using a strong, spicy ginger beer, as it's really the star of the show, but unlike the original recipe, the Kentucky Mule's use of bourbon gives it a slightly sweeter, oakier profile that shines through the soda better than vodka.

The Kentucky Mule follows the naming conventions of other drinks that freely swap their base spirits, adopting its title from the home of bourbon itself. It's a great cocktail for those hot summer days when you don't really feel like drinking a Mint Julep, but still want to feel like you're a genteel Southerner.

Kentucky Mule Ingredients

2 oz bourbon
4-6 oz ginger beer
0.5 oz lime juice
Mint and/or lime wheel for garnish (optional)

How to make a Kentucky Mule

  1. Add bourbon and lime juice to a copper mug or Collins glass with ice (crushed or cubed).
  2. Fill with ginger beer, garnish with a lime, and serve.
  3. Optional: We've always liked our bourbon drinks with a bit of mint on the nose, so if you'd like you can also clap a sprig of fresh mint between your hands (to bruise it) and garnish with that as well.
Kentucky Mule