Kiwi & Lime Caipirinha Recipe

Lime, Kiwi, Ypioca Ouro Cachaca, Ice, Sugar
Kiwi & Lime Caipirinha
Follow the cocktail recipe below to make a delicious Kiwi & Lime Caipirinha, typically served in an Old-Fashioned Glass.

Kiwi & Lime Caipirinha Ingredients

1 lime
1 kiwi
1 oz Ypioca Ouro Cachaca
2 sugar

How to make a Kiwi & Lime Caipirinha

  • In Brazil the most popular cocktail is Caipirinha. Cachaca is a cane spirit very popular. The first Caipirinha was with lime, but nowadays we mix different kinds of fruits and herbs. This drink is rich in Vitamin C and we drink before the mealLime & kiwi - Cut out the skins and cut small pieces. Put the fruits in a Old Fashioned glass and mix with the sugar. Mash with a muddler. Add ice cubs and Cachaca! Serve!
Kiwi & Lime Caipirinha