Mimosa Recipe

Champagne, Orange Juice

The Mimosa is a classic brunch cocktail that almost makes it feel appropriate to be drinking at 11 in the morning, and it couldn't be simpler to make. All you need is some Champagne (or any sparkling wine), orange juice (preferably freshly squeezed), and a day off to enjoy it.

There's some debate among Mimosa "experts" about whether you should add the champagne or the orange juice to the glass first. For whatever reason, it seems that adding the orange juice first results in some annoyingly persistent foam, especially if you use a pulpy orange juice. On the other hand, adding the champagne first can cause the glass to overflow with effervescence once you add the OJ. Our inclination is to use that method anyway, and just be sure to pour the juice slowly and carefully. Because nobody wants their Mimosa buried under two inches of pulpy froth.

Mimosa Ingredients

4 oz chilled Champagne (or any sparkling wine)
2 oz orange juice

How to make a Mimosa

  1. Add 4 ounces chilled Champagne to a chilled Champagne flute.
  2. Add 2 ounces of orange juice, stir very gently, and serve.