Mini Wapatui Recipe

Mini Wapatui
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Anyone that went to school in the midwest probably had a few of these at some point.  They were a communal drink, each person brought a bottle of something to add to the mix.  At frat parties they were made in garbage cans, and served in red Solo cups, but this is a mini version that serves two.  The perfect drink for your next reunion.


1 bottle vodka (50ml) (the little airline bottles)
1 bottle rum (50ml)
1 bottle Gin (50ml)
3 bottles Juice, something fruity works best
Mixed tropical fruit, but always include watermelon balls
½ bottle of any dark beer

Preparation: How to make a Mini Wapatui

  • Use the empty watermelon half as a punch bowl, mix everything together and let it sit for an hour or so before serving.
Mini Wapatui