Mojito Nihongo Recipe

Lime, Brown Sugar, Shiso, Sake Rice Wine, Sprite Soda, Shiso
Mojito Nihongo
Another drink by Robert E. Wilkes. This cocktail is another twist on the classic Mojito, this time substituting Japanese shiso leaves for the mint, sweet sake (mansakuno hana) for the rum and using Sprite instead of club soda. Nihongo is the Japanese word for, well, "Japanese." I created this drink for a Teppanyaki restaurant in Tokyo and its very refreshing flavor profile is appreciated by locals and foreigners alike.

Mojito Nihongo Ingredients

1 squeezed lime
0.5 tsp brown sugar
3 fresh shiso leaves
1.5 oz sweet sake rice wine
1 shiso leaf for garnish

How to make a Mojito Nihongo

  1. In a chilled Collins glass add, in order, the lime, brown sugar, and 3 shiso leaves.
  2. Muddle until aromatic and well mixed.
  3. Add ice, then pour the sake over the ice.
  4. Top with Sprite and garnish with a whole shiso leaf.
Mojito Nihongo