Novel fashioned Recipe

Bourbon, Cointreau, Lime Juice, Apple
Novel fashioned
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Novel Fashioned is a smoke-infused cocktail with a sweet and strong texture, hint of apple, orange and is having amber colour. This cocktail is inspired by the classic old-fashioned and renamed as Novel Fashioned because of with all new making techniques.

To create this cocktail, as a special aperients apple wood smoke-infused in the bourbon whiskey to make the whiskey smokey and used Cointreau, caramelized apple and dash of sour mix to balance it. The mixologist and creator of this cocktail believe that the whiskey represents luxury and sophistication and this cocktail symbolises nouvelle culture with old tradition.

Novel fashioned Ingredients

45 ml bourbon whiskey
15 ml Cointreau
1 dash lime juice
1 cherry
1 caramelized apple (for garnish)

How to make a Novel fashioned

  • Combine apple wood smoked bourbon, cointreau and rich caramelised apple. Muddle in shaker, and add a dash of lime to balance the drink. Shake all the ingredients together double strain it and garnish with caramelised apple and cherry. Slainte!!
Novel fashioned