Rum and Coke

Rum, Coca-Cola
Rum and Coke

The Rum and Coke is an incredibly simple drink (using just two self-explanatory ingredients), but it's a pretty delicious combination. Many rums (particularly dark rums or spiced rums) already have a cola-esque character to them, so the flavors are complimentary by nature. Note that if you add a lime, you've actually made a Cuba Libre instead of a standard Rum and Coke (the distinction is minor, but it's fun trivia if you're into that kind of thing).

While this Rum and Coke recipe has long been a go-to in nightclubs and other bars where you don't want anything complicated, it actually has a long history going back to the late 1800s. It was invented in the years following the Spanish-American War, and started enjoying broad popularity during WWII. Because most American distilled spirits were rationed during the war, imported rum was often the only thing available, and Coca-Cola was one of the only companies with the resources to pay for heavily-rationed sugar. Ever since, the Rum and Coke has been a classic cocktail in the American and Caribbean pantheon.

Rum and Coke Ingredients

2 oz Rum
8 oz Coca-Cola

How to make a Rum and Coke

  1. Add rum into a Highball glass filled with ice.
  2. Fill with Coke and serve.
Rum and Coke