Scotch And Water Recipe

Scotch, Water
Scotch And Water

Scotch and Water isn't exactly a cocktail, per se, but it is an extremely popular way of enjoying the world's favorite whisky. All you'll need is some scotch (usually you don't want to use a super expensive single malt, since it gets pretty washed out), water, an Old-Fashioned glass, and some ice.

Some people get picky about the kind of water they use, but that's honestly overkill. If your tap water's gross, by all means use bottled, but otherwise it should be fine. Feel free to adjust the ratio of your Scotch and Water to taste—whatever takes the bite off and gives you the strength you're looking for.

Scotch And Water Ingredients

2 oz scotch whisky
5 oz water

How to make a Scotch And Water

  1. Fill an Old-Fashioned or highball glass with ice.
  2. Add the scotch and water, stir gently, and serve.
Scotch And Water