Shirley Temple Recipe

Ginger Ale, Grenadine
Shirley Temple
A Shirley Temple "mocktail" is made with ginger ale and a splash of grenadine. Named after the American actress by the same name, the Shirley Temple is very similar to the Roy Rogers. It is rumored that Shirley Temple herself was not a fan of this drink.
Shirley Temple cocktails are sometimes served to children as a non-alcoholic way for them to enjoy a cocktail when out with adults.


Ginger ale
Grenadine syrup

Preparation: How to make a Shirley Temple

  1. Build in a highball glass. Add ginger ale over ice.
  2. Top off with a splash of grenadine.
  3. Garnish with a couple of cherries, and optionally a lemon slice.
Shirley Temple