Stumptown Vanilla Flip Recipe

Navan Vanilla Liqueur, Espresso, Orange Liqueur, Egg White, Orange Twist
Stumptown Vanilla Flip
Photo for Natalie Ochoa
The Stumptown Vanilla Flip is a silky, low-alcohol cocktail with a small dash of espresso to give it a little bit of a bitter, caffeinated boost. Invented by Seattle bartender Andrew Friedman using Stumptown Coffee's espresso blend, this is a coffee cocktail with its roots in everyone's favorite Pacific Northwest coffee haven.

Stumptown Vanilla Flip Ingredients

2 oz Navan vanilla liqueur
0.5 oz espresso
0.75 oz orange liqueur
1 fresh egg white
Orange twist for garnish

How to make a Stumptown Vanilla Flip

  1. In a cocktail shaker, add the spring from a Hawthorne strainer and the egg white, and shake until a light meringue forms; set this aside.
  2. In another cocktail shaker, add the other ingredients with ice and shake.
  3. Add this mix to the egg whites, quickly shake, pour into a glass, and garnish with the orange twist.
Stumptown Vanilla Flip