Sunday Mary Recipe

Tomato Juice, Vodka
Photo for Liam Carney-McBride
Inspired by Sunday roasts at my family home. This combination of classic British ingredients works so well with the classic Bloody Mary recipes. Best accompanied by a Yorkshire pudding and some roast beef.

Sunday Mary Ingredients

2 oz. Chase Potato Vodka (or other sustitute)
3 oz. tomato juice
1 tsp. English mustard
1/2 OXO cube
1 oz. boiling water
3 cherry tomatos
3 sprigs of thyme
Salt and pepper

How to make a Sunday Mary

  1. Make broth with OXO and boiling water leave to cool.
  2. Muddle cherry tomato's in Boston glass with thyme
  3. Add all other ingredients and ice.
  4. Slowly roll Boston for 30 seconds.
  5. Fine strain into highball glass with ice.
  6. Garnish with Thyme sprig and cherry tomato.