Tonic Shandy Recipe

Lager, Tonic Water
Photo for Will Shenton

The Tonic Shandy is generally made with a relatively unobtrusive lager (English if you're going for authenticity) mixed with tonic water. Like the Grapefruit Shandy, too much mixer can make this one very bitter, very quickly. But if you're a fan of tonic and don't feel like going through a pint of gin by dinner, the Tonic Shandy is a great way to cool down without having to drink something sweet.

Tonic Shandy Ingredients

3/4 pint lager of choice
1/4 pint tonic water

How to make a Tonic Shandy

  • Fill a pint glass or stein 3/4 of the way with the lager, then fill the rest of the way with tonic water.