The Best Tequila Under $30

Cheap Tequila That Doesn't Taste Cheap

  • Updated: Mar 23, 2016

The Best Tequila for the Drinker on a Budget

Everyone has a story about tequila, and most of them involve some degree of regret. Spring break in college, Cinco de Mayo parties, that Tuesday you weren’t planning on drinking that turned into an all-nighter… no matter why you were knocking back shots of the cheap stuff, chances are you ended up with a hangover and some fun anecdotes you really hope nobody brings up at your wedding.

But drinking inexpensive tequila doesn’t have to mean Jose Cuervo and Sauza—in fact, it’s a category that has some really excellent offerings for the budget drinker if you know what to look for. From Espolòn to Cazadores, there are lots of (sort of) hidden gems that come in under $30—many are even excellent for sipping, not just mixing in a Margarita.

While we don’t begrudge the mixto tequilas—they have their time and place—this list contains only 100% agave tequilas. They tend to be higher quality, more consistent, and you have a better sense of what actually goes into the bottle since the production standards are somewhat stricter. Plus, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how many of them exist on the lower end of the price spectrum—it’s always fun to show off a fancy bottle when you didn’t actually pay that much for it.

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