College Drinks, All Grown Up

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  • Updated: Jun 20, 2015
  • vodka, gin, rum, juice, watermelon balls
    Anyone that went to school in the midwest probably had a few of these at some point. They were a communal drink, each person brought a bottle of something to add to the mix. At frat parties they were made in garbage cans, and served in red Solo cups, but this is a mini version that serves two. The perfect drink for your next reunion.
  • Champagne, strawberry, jello
    Jello shots are a staple at college parties, but these elegant Champagne jello shots are pretty enough for brunch.
  • Rum, gin, vodka, tropical fruit
    The Scorpion is a classic tiki cocktail that uses plenty of fresh-squeezed citrus to make for a seriously refreshing sip any time of year. All you'll need is some white rum, brandy, orgeat syrup, orange juice, lemon juice, ice, and a blender to mix it all up. For garnish, you can use a slice or two of any citrus you'd like (orange or lemon are typical), a co…

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