7 Delicious Martini Variations

World's Best Martini Variations

Perhaps the most controversial of all cocktail suffixes (people do love to be dramatic when it comes to their drinks) is the ever-present “-tini.” The Appletini, the Choco-tini, the Lychee-tini and their ilk have long been the favorites of bachelorette parties and the bane of cocktail purists everywhere. We try not to be too judgmental, but we do have to concede that the aficionados have a point in this case: the only thing any of those Martini variations have in common with their namesake is that they’re served in the same kind of glass.

Before anyone gets too defensive, let’s make it clear that there’s nothing wrong with ordering a Cosmopolitan or a Raspberry Martini, and we’ve been known to enjoy the hell out of them from time to time. But since we strive for accuracy (and because we’re enormous, incorrigible history geeks), this guide to Martini variations is going to stick to the classics that can trace their lineage directly back to the original Martini recipe. Perfect for spicing up your next James Bond theme party, baby shower, or poker night, these seven cocktail recipes are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

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