9 Delicious Mojito Variations

Mojito variations to spice up your summer cocktailing.

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  • Updated: Nov 4, 2016

With a drink as classic as the Mojito, sometimes it seems best not to mess with perfection. But as the summer wears on and the beachy cocktails begin to lose their novelty (shocking, we know), the best medicine for a jaded palate may just be some good, old-fashioned experimentation. Where’s the fun in drinking the same thing every day?

This week, we did the work for you and came up with a list of nine fantastic Mojito variations to spice up your summer cocktailing. Some use flavored rum, others use fresh berries, and one even ditches the classic spirit altogether in favor of gin and St. Germain. So grab the nearest highball, give these Mojito recipes a shot, and let us know what you think!

  • pineapple rum, pineapple juice, lime, mint, simple syrup
    Pineapple mint is a great variety of mint to use in tropical cocktails, and this one might be its finest application. You can find it at specialty food stores or, if you're the gardening type, try growing your own!
  • lime, brown sugar, Shiso, sake rice wine, Sprite soda, Shiso
    Another drink by Robert E. Wilkes. This cocktail is another twist on the classic Mojito, this time substituting Japanese shiso leaves for the mint, sweet sake (mansakuno hana) for the rum and using Sprite instead of club soda. Nihongo is the Japanese word for, well, "Japanese." I created this drink for a Teppanyaki restaurant in Tokyo and its very refreshing…
  • white tequila, creme de cassis, lime, mint, soda water, brown sugar
    A Mojito variation featuring tequila and creme de cassis, giving it a very interesting profile that sets it apart from the original. The notes of agave and blackcurrant blend together nicely and make this one a must-try.
  • Strawberries, Mint, Lime, Creme de Fraise des Bois, Rum, Soda water
    The Strawberry Mojito is a slight variation on the classic Mojito, but with a little more fruit-forward sweetness to balance out the citrus. The addition of Crème de Fraise des Bois (or any other strawberry liqueur, really) gives an extra boost to the muddled fresh strawberries, which are delicious in combination with the mint and lime. This is a great cockt…
  • Cruzan mango rum, club soda, mint, lime
    The Mango Mojito is a popular variation on the Mojito. You'll find this recipe being used in parts of Palm Beach County, Florida and Crested Butte, Colorado. If the standard Mojito wasn’t enough to get you in a tropical state of mind, this fruity twist will definitely do the trick.
  • Coconut Rum, Mint
    "This coconut mojito is made with fresh mint, lime and coconut rum. It's the type of drink that makes you feel like you are on the beach while sipping away." - Nutmeg Nanny
  • gin, elderflower, mint, geranium
    The flavours of an English garden - summer in a glass
  • Light rum, Lime, Sugar, Mint, Raspberries, Soda water
    There's something fun about muddling raspberries in a glass, and lucky for you, they make an excellent addition to the classic Mojito.
  • Dark rum, Lime, Sugar, Mint, Soda water
    Here’s another one to add to your Mojito Recipe Files – a Dark Mojito. It’s truly just a slight variation of The Perfect Mojito and a Dirty Mojito and in our opinion, tastes the rummiest of the three! Use a dark rum with a taste that you find pleasant, as the dark rum taste does rise above the milder taste of mint and sugar.
  • Light rum, Lime, Sugar, Mint, Soda water
    The Mojito cocktail is an old Cuban original made from white rum, mint, lime, sugar or simple syrup, and soda water. It's minty, citrusy, and refreshing, and while the Mojito cocktail can be a bit of a pain to make thanks to the muddling involved, it's a classic drink for a reason. The origins of the name Mojito are somewhat murky, but it likely comes f…

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