National Martini Day

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  • Updated: Jan 18, 2017
  • Champagne, Cointreau
  • Cointreau, Vodka, Lime, Cranberry juice
  • Gin, Vodka, Lillet
    The Vesper is a spirit-forward cocktail that should be served neat. This is the first martini James Bond ordered in Casino Royale.
  • Vodka, Dry Vermouth, Olive
    The Vodka Martini is, as the name would imply, simply a variation of the classic Dry Martini that uses vodka instead of gin. It makes for a very different drink, in which the aromas from the vermouth are more pronounced relative to those of the spirit. And, as a bonus, it lets you order a sexy-looking Martini even if you can't stand the thought of drinking g…
  • vodka, dry vermouth, olive
  • Gin, dry vermouth, St. Germain
    The Elderflower Martini is a slightly sweeter, flowery take on the classic Dry Martini that uses St. Germain elderflower liqueur to complement the floral notes of a good gin. You might even want to try this recipe with an Old Tom gin, as it's a little sweeter and less powerful on the juniper.
  • gin, dry vermouth
    The Martini is a timeless classic, and probably the most recognizable gin cocktail of all time. It can be made many different ways with either vodka or gin, but this recipe is a classic version that uses a bit more dry vermouth than many modern recipes (like the Dry Martini). James Bond, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway, and other fictional and histor…
  • chocolate vodka, Godiva chocolate liqueur, liqueur, Goldschlager cinnamon schnapps
  • Raspberry vodka, Grand Marnier
    The Raspberry Martini, contrary to popular belief, is actually a pretty straightforward recipe: all you need is raspberry vodka (buying the flavored stuff is fine, but it's way more fun to make your own by soaking fresh raspberries in vodka in a jar for 3-4 weeks, then straining it through dampened cheesecloth) and some Grand Marnier orange liqueur. Sure, it…
  • Gin, Lavender, Lillet Blanc, Lemon peel
    Lillet (pronounced lee-ay) is a French aperitif wine infused with orange liqueur and quinine, which you probably know from its role in tonic water. It's used in a lot of situations where dry vermouth would also be applicable, but lends a very different profile to the resulting drink. Hence its role in this delicious, flowery variation on the classic Martini.
  • Gin, Dry Vermouth, Orange bitters, orange twist
    This turn-of-the-20th-century recipe calls for equal parts dry vermouth and gin, which may fly in the face of everything you've learned about Martinis in the past (most people use "dry" to mean "using very little vermouth," while traditionally it simply distinguishes the drink from one made with sweet vermouth). Try one for yourself and see what all the fuss…
  • Gin, Dry Vermouth, lemon twist
    This is the type of Dry Martini that became popular in the mid-20th century, made with lots of gin and very little dry vermouth.
  • Vodka, lychee juice

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