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  • Updated: Jun 20, 2015
  • Vodka, Southern Comfort, Grand Marnier, Pineapple juice
  • Prosecco, Peach Puree
    The Bellini is a classic champagne cocktail made with sparkling wine (often Prosecco, since it's an Italian drink), peach puree, and optionally peach liqueur. It has long been a favorite at brunch, as it introduces some fresh, fruity flavors that pair fantastically with breakfast foods. While the Bellini has a reputation for being a bit of a girly drink, we …
  • Absolut Citron, Lemon, Sugar
  • Rum, lime juice, pineapple juice, simple syrup, mint
    Rum Punch can refer to pretty much any recipe that includes rum, citrus, sugar, occasionally bitters and tropical fruits, and is served in a punch bowl. As such, there's no "true" Rum Punch recipe, but this one is simple to make and will be a fan-favorite at your next party. This recipe makes about 12-15 drinks, depending on the size of cups you use (we reco…
  • Malibu rum, Blackberry brandy, Orange juice, Pineapple juice, Cranberry juice
  • Southern Comfort, Cranberry juice, Lime juice
  • Gin, Cherry Heering, Bénédictine, Lime Juice, Bitters, Soda Water
    The Singapore Sling was invented at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore by bartender Ngiam Tong Boon, sometime in the 1900s or early 1910s. The recipe changed drastically over time, due to being codified on handwritten notes, getting lost in translation as it traveled the globe, and the gradual decline in availability of some of its ingredients, like Cherry Heeri…
  • Midori melon liqueur, vodka, pineapple juice
    A Melon Ball is a fruity vodka-based cocktail that is shaken and served on the rocks.

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