Hendrick's Gin

Scottish Gin

Hendrick's Gin is a popular modern gin that stands in contrast to traditional London Dry gins with its light, summery character. It's one of the most highly-rated gins in the world, and has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. Though it uses Bulgarian rose and cucumber to add unique flavors to the final product (and touts the cucumber significantly in its marketing), Hendrick's actually isn't all that cucumbery. In addition to those two flavors added after the distillation process, the botanicals in Hendrick's Gin include: juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root, chamomile, yarrow, lemon peel, orange peel, orris root, elderflower, caraway seeds, and cubeb berries.

Launched in 1999, Hendrick's Gin was one of the first brands to popularize Scottish gin, which has since become a focal point for the nation's burgeoning craft spirit industry. Despite being a modern product, the Hendrick's bottle is a throwback to the apothecary-style bottles of centuries past. They've embraced that old-timey aesthetic, quickly becoming darlings of the retro-obsessed world of craft cocktails.

Proof 88 44% ABV
Type gin
Variety modern gin
Type of Still Pot, Carter-Head
Brand Hendrick's
Region Girvan
Country Scotland
Cost USD $35 {{drinkHelpers.priceIndicator(35)}} (last verified in 2011)
Hendrick's Gin