Zuidam Old Genever (5 Years)

Old Genever

Genever is the traditional drink of the Netherlands and Belgium, and is a predecessor of modern gin. It's been making a comeback in the States, where it was once a popular ingredient in cocktails in the 1800s (back then, it was known as Holland Gin). Each of the three Zuidam Old Genevers is based on a grain spirit made from equal parts corn, rye and malted barley, making for a nicely balanced profile. It is then aged in oak barrels for 1-3 years to impart smooth, woody flavors.

This product has been discontinued.
Proof 80 40% ABV
Type gin
Variety genever gin
Style old
Years Aged 5
Type of Still Pot
Mash Bill Corn, Rye, Barley
Barrel Type New American Oak
Brand Zuidam Distillers
Country Netherlands
Cost USD $30 {{drinkHelpers.priceIndicator(30)}} (last verified in 2004)
Zuidam Old Genever (5 Years)