Luxardo Maraschino

Maraschino Liqueur

Luxardo Maraschino liqueur is the definitive classic when it comes to maraschino. Made from Marasca cherries, which grow on the Dalmatian coast (today part of Croatia), it has a slightly tart character that has nothing to do with the neon-red cherries we're used to getting on our ice cream sundaes. It's used in all kinds of classic cocktail recipes, from the Hemingway Daiquiri to the Aviation.

The oldest maraschino recipes date back to the mid-1700s, but this modern version was introduced by Luxardo in 1821. It was such a popular drink among European nobility back in the nineteenth century that the British sent warships to pick it up on behalf of the royal family. Today, the Luxardo you get is probably pretty close to what the aristocrats drank two hundred years ago.

This product has been discontinued.
Proof 64 32% ABV
Type liqueur
Variety maraschino liqueur
Years Aged 2
Mash Bill Marasca Cherries
Barrel Type Finnish Ash
Brand Luxardo
Country Italy
Cost USD $30 {{drinkHelpers.priceIndicator(30)}} (last verified in 2015)
Luxardo Maraschino