Del Maguey Tobala

Mezcal Joven

Del Maguey Tobala Single Village Mezcal is made from the Tobala maguey agave, also known as wild mountain maguey. It is an extremely limited edition bottling, with only 600 bottles produced, thanks to the rarity and difficulty of harvesting wild maguey. According to the distiller, it takes approximately eight Tobala piñas to equal the production of one Espadin or Azul piña (the more common maguey varieties). The resulting product is peppery, sweet, and impressively complex.

In 2011, Del Maguey was named Distiller of the Year at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

This product has been discontinued.
Proof 90 45% ABV
Type mezcal
Variety joven mezcal
Mash Bill Tobala maguey agave
Brand Del Maguey
Region Oaxaca
Country Mexico
Cost USD $120 {{drinkHelpers.priceIndicator(120)}} (last verified in 2015)
Del Maguey Tobala