Cruzan Aged Light Rum

White Rum
With subtle oak and vanilla notes and a smooth finish, Cruzan Aged Light Rum is a great base for classic light-rum cocktails like the Daiquiri. It's affordable, but seems to punch above its weight. Like the Aged Dark Rum, this is a blend of rums aged 2-4 years, which are then filtered to remove most of the coloration and some of the heavier flavors. Gold Medal - 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Proof 80 40% ABV
Type rum
Variety white rum
Style Aged
Years Aged 2
Barrel Type Charred Oak
Brand Cruzan
Region St. Croix
Country US Virgin Islands
Cost USD $12 {{drinkHelpers.priceIndicator(12)}} (last verified in 2015)
Cruzan Aged Light Rum