House Spirits Volstead Vodka

American Vodka

House Spirits Volstead Vodka is an American craft vodka that is, ironically, named after Andrew Volstead, the congressman who sponsored and championed the National Prohibition Act of 1919—colloquially called the Volstead Act. This is a grain-based vodka, which is "filtered for 96 hours through charred coconut husks" for clarity and smoothness.

Founded in 2004, House Spirits is a Portland, Oregon-based craft distillery best known for its hugely popular Aviation Gin. In addition to their core products, they also produce a number of small-batch spirits and liqueurs in limited releases.

This product has been discontinued.
Proof 84 42% ABV
Type vodka
Variety standard vodka
Mash Bill Grain
Brand House Spirits
Region Oregon
Country United States
Cost USD $25 {{drinkHelpers.priceIndicator(25)}} (last verified in 2016)
House Spirits Volstead Vodka