Kilbeggan 8 Year Old Single Grain

Single Grain Irish Whiskey

Kilbeggan 8 Year Old Single Grain is an interesting Irish whiskey because it is made with 100% corn instead of the typical barley, which is where it gets its moniker as "single grain." It's a newer product from Kilbeggan, and was apparently re-branded from the Greenore label by its owners, Beam-Suntory. It's light, with notes of honey, vanilla, and oak, and is in some ways reminiscent of a bourbon flavor profile. It's very much its own thing, though, and definitely worth a try.

This product has been discontinued.
Proof 80 40% ABV
Type whiskey
Variety irish whiskey
Style single grain
Years Aged 8
Type of Still pot
Mash Bill corn
Barrel Type bourbon
Brand Kilbeggan
Region Kilbeggan
Country Ireland
Cost USD $26 {{drinkHelpers.priceIndicator(26)}} (last verified in 2016)
Kilbeggan 8 Year Old Single Grain