Michter's US*1 Small Batch Bourbon

Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Michter's US*1 Bourbon is one of Michter's flagship bottles. The brand itself is extremely storied, dating back to Swiss Mennonite farmers who produced rye in the mid-1700s (it's even rumored that this whiskey's ancestor was quaffed by revolutionary soldiers at Valley Forge, but that might just be good marketing). Michter's US*1 has been a perennial favorite since it was revived in the 1980s, known for its dry, understated complexity.
This product has been discontinued.
Proof 91.4 45.7% ABV
Type whiskey
Variety bourbon whiskey
Mash Bill Corn, Grain
Barrel Type New White oak
Brand Michter's
Region Kentucky
Country United States
Cost USD $40 {{drinkHelpers.priceIndicator(40)}} (last verified in 2015)
Michter's US*1 Small Batch Bourbon