Johnnie Walker Black Label

Blended Scotch Whisky
Johnnie Walker Black Label is one of the best selling scotch whiskies in the world, and a staple in bars and nightclubs the world over. It's a step up from their slightly less expensive Red Label, and is often served on the rocks or in various cocktails. Johnnie Walker Black isn't a universally-adored scotch, but it has nonetheless garnered very good reviews from the Beverage Testing Institute and Wine Enthusiast, as well as a double gold medal from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2013.
Proof 80 40% ABV
Type whisky
Variety scotch whisky
Style blended
Years Aged 12
Brand Johnnie Walker
Region Lowland
Country Scotland
Cost USD $30 {{drinkHelpers.priceIndicator(30)}} (last verified in 2015)
Johnnie Walker Black Label