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Joe Cannella

In 2010 I discovered many types of "Rosolio di Cannella", a hand-crafted cinnamon cordial with southern Italian origins. Like Italian gelato, it's made with real ingredients, and tasted of actual cinnamon, very different from anything being made in the U.S.

Cannella being our family name, this caught my eye for obvious reasons! I loved it so much I created my own recipe and have shared with friends and family over the years.  
After leaving my corporate gig in 2013, I launched Cannella Spirits in late 2014. Based in San Francisco, our first product, Cannella Cinnamon Cordial, is available for purchase throughout the U.S. and is distributed in California and Nevada. Next release is our Cannella Amaro.
 Check out for the rest of the story, or message me here to chat DIY liqueurs.