Manhattan (cocktail)

(cocktail) A cocktail made with whiskey (typically rye whiskey), sweet vermouth, and bitters (typically Angostura bitters), often garnished with a maraschino… Read more


(booze type, garnish) A cherry liqueur distilled from Marasca cherries, produced in the city of Torreglia, Italy. A variety of preserved cherries used… Read more

Martini glass

(glassware) A stemmed cocktail glass defined by its V-shaped, conical bowl. The Martini glass was made famous by its namesake cocktail,… Read more


(ingredient, phrase, technique) A starchy, sugary mixture of grains and water (frequently malted barley, corn, rye, and/or wheat) that is fermented in the… Read more

mash bill

(measurement, phrase) Typically refers to the proportions of the various grains used in a mash Read more


(booze type) Any distilled spirit made in Mexico from the agave plant. Though they are often discussed as separate categories, tequila is… Read more


(garnish, ingredient) An herb used to flavor and garnish many famous cocktail recipes. Mint comes in several varieties, including spearmint, chocolate mint,… Read more


(noun) The practice of mixing alcoholic beverages. Mixology is synonymous with “bartending” in most cases, though it is often used to… Read more


(booze type) A Spanish word meaning “mixed” which refers to tequilas made with less than 100% blue agave. Mixto tequila is often regarded… Read more

modern gin

(booze type) A variety of gin that is notable for using a lighter, more citrusy, and less juniper-forward botanical blend than a traditional… Read more


(tool) A tool used for gently mashing herbs, fruits, or other ingredients when making a cocktail. Muddlers are typically wooden, plastic, or… Read more