Canadian whisky

(booze type) A variety of whisky distilled in Canada. Historically, Canadian whisky had a higher rye content in its mash than most… Read more


(tool) A container used to store and age distilled spirits, wine, beer, cocktails, and other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. See barrel. Read more

cask strength

(adjective, booze type) A distilled spirit that has not been diluted after aging in a barrel. Most spirits are aged at a very… Read more

citrus wedge

(garnish) A wedge-shaped slice of citrus used to garnish various cocktails. A semicircular slice of citrus (i.e., not wedge-shaped) may also… Read more

cobbler shaker

(tool) A three-piece cocktail shaker, tapered on both ends, that consists of a metal tin, an internal strainer, and a nozzle… Read more


(booze type) An alcoholic mixed drink, specifically a beverage that contains one or more types of alcohol, with one or more additional ingredients. Obsolete: A… Read more

cocktail glass

(glassware) A stemmed glass of any kind used for serving various cocktails. The most common cocktail glasses are the Martini glass… Read more

cocktail shaker

(tool) A container used to mix cocktails by shaking, usually with ice. Cocktail shakers typically fall into one of three categories:… Read more

Coffey still

(tool) Alternative name for the column still. Refers to Aeneas Coffey, who first patented and popularized the design in 1830. Read more


(product) A trademarked brand name for a popular orange-flavored liqueur, made in the style of triple sec. According to its producers,… Read more

column still

(tool) A still used for the production of distilled spirits, consisting of two columns. Column stills are capable of continuous distillation… Read more

coupe glass

(glassware) A stemmed cocktail glass distinguished by its curved sides (as opposed to the straight, angled sides of a Martini glass),… Read more

craft cocktail

(phrase) A cocktail made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, and generally treated with a careful, culinary attention to detail. The term craft… Read more