(ingredient) An accumulation of partially decayed plant matter found in peat bogs, formed when various environmental conditions prevent it from decaying… Read more


(adjective) In the cocktail and bartender world, the word “perfect” when used to describe a drink usually means that the drink… Read more


(booze type) A variety of brandy produced in Peru and Chile. It is typically clear or light amber in color, and varies… Read more

Plymouth gin

(booze type) A variety of gin produced in Plymouth, England. While there were once many gin distilleries in the city, today there… Read more

pot still

(tool) A still used for the production of distilled spirits, consisting of a single pot to which heat is applied. Pot… Read more


(noun) The period from 1919-1933 during which the production, sale, and transportation of alcohol was made illegal in the United States. Prohibition… Read more


(measurement) Proof is a measurement used to determine the alcohol content of a distilled spirit. In the United States, proof is… Read more