Old Tom gin

(booze type) A variety of gin that was popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Old Tom gin is typically sweeter and… Read more

Old-Fashioned glass

(glassware) A short, thick-bottomed glass that is used for serving Old-Fashioned cocktails and other mixed drinks. Also known as: rocks glass,… Read more

on the rocks

(phrase, technique) Used to describe any beverage (though commonly alcoholic beverages) served over ice. Note: The variation “on a rock” can be… Read more

orange twist

(garnish) A thin segment of orange peel, without the pith, used as a garnish on various cocktails. Read more

orgeat syrup

(ingredient) A sweet syrup made of almonds, sugar, water, and orange flower water, that is typically used as a cocktail ingredient.… Read more


(adjective, booze type) Used to describe a distilled spirit that is bottled at a significantly higher proof than standard for that category. “Overproof”… Read more

overproof rum

(booze type) Rum that is bottled above the standard 80 proof (40% ABV). The most popular overproof rums are bottled at 151… Read more