cocktail glass

(glassware) A stemmed glass of any kind used for serving various cocktails. The most common cocktail glasses are the Martini glass… Read more

coupe glass

(glassware) A stemmed cocktail glass distinguished by its curved sides (as opposed to the straight, angled sides of a Martini glass),… Read more

Martini glass

(glassware) A stemmed cocktail glass defined by its V-shaped, conical bowl. The Martini glass was made famous by its namesake cocktail,… Read more

Old-Fashioned glass

(glassware) A short, thick-bottomed glass that is used for serving Old-Fashioned cocktails and other mixed drinks. Also known as: rocks glass,… Read more

rocks glass

(glassware) Alternative name for an Old-Fashioned glass, so named because it is typically used for drinks served “on the rocks” (over… Read more