angel’s share

(phrase) A term used to describe the amount of alcohol, typically of a wine or distilled spirit, that is lost to… Read more

behind the stick

(phrase) A slang term used to describe the work of being behind the bar and bartending. The phrase likely originated in… Read more


(phrase) A beverage, most often one containing alcohol: What’s your favorite bevvy? To drink alcohol: Come bevvy with us Being excessively drunk: We were well bevvied… Read more

bottled in bond

(booze type, phrase) A term used to describe American distilled spirits, usually whiskey, that fit a number of strict legal regulations. To be… Read more

craft cocktail

(phrase) A cocktail made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, and generally treated with a careful, culinary attention to detail. The term craft… Read more


(phrase) A Mandarin Chinese expression that translates to “cheers,” “a toast,” or “bottoms up.” Gānbēi is used in most of the same… Read more

hair of the dog

(phrase) An alcoholic beverage typically consumed to cure a hangover the morning after a night of drinking. Read more


(phrase) An unpleasant condition resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol. While their mechanisms are not entirely understood, hangovers are primarily caused… Read more


(ingredient, phrase, technique) A starchy, sugary mixture of grains and water (frequently malted barley, corn, rye, and/or wheat) that is fermented in the… Read more

mash bill

(measurement, phrase) Typically refers to the proportions of the various grains used in a mash Read more


(phrase, technique) Used to describe a spirit or liqueur served without ice, without being chilled, and without any water or other mixer.… Read more


(booze type, phrase) An alcoholic beverage typically consumed at night before bed. Although any variety of alcoholic beverage can be considered a nightcap,… Read more

on the rocks

(phrase, technique) Used to describe any beverage (though commonly alcoholic beverages) served over ice. Note: The variation “on a rock” can be… Read more

served up

(phrase, technique) A term used to describe serving a cocktail or spirit chilled but served without ice in a cocktail glass, usually… Read more


(phrase) A toast in Irish and Scottish Gaelic that literally translates to “health.” It is typically used in the same way as… Read more


(noun, phrase, verb) (noun) An alcoholic beverage. (verb) To drink alcohol. Examples: Let’s grab a tipple after work. I’ve been known to tipple… Read more