(technique) Refers to the technique of making a cocktail directly in its serving glass. Usually, drinks are considered “built” when their… Read more


(technique) The process by which a fermented alcoholic beverage, like beer or wine, is concentrated into a distilled spirit like whiskey… Read more


(technique) The process by which yeast digest the sugars in fruit, grain, vegetables, or other organic sources and release alcohol. Fermentation… Read more


(ingredient, phrase, technique) A starchy, sugary mixture of grains and water (frequently malted barley, corn, rye, and/or wheat) that is fermented in the… Read more


(phrase, technique) Used to describe a spirit or liqueur served without ice, without being chilled, and without any water or other mixer.… Read more

on the rocks

(phrase, technique) Used to describe any beverage (though commonly alcoholic beverages) served over ice. Note: The variation “on a rock” can be… Read more

served up

(phrase, technique) A term used to describe serving a cocktail or spirit chilled but served without ice in a cocktail glass, usually… Read more


(technique) Refers to the technique of shaking a cocktail, usually with ice, in some form of cocktail shaker. Typically, cocktails are… Read more


(technique) Refers to the technique of stirring a cocktail with ice, typically in some form of mixing glass. Cocktails are stirred… Read more