(booze type) A juniper berry-flavored spirit that is a predecessor of today’s gin. Genever is most popular in the Netherlands and Belgium where… Read more


(booze type) A distilled spirit that is primarily flavored with juniper berries, along with numerous other botanicals (herbs, spices, and fruits). It… Read more

gold rum

(booze type) Rum that is golden in color and medium-bodied in flavor. Gold rum is typically aged for an intermediate amount of… Read more


(booze type) A variety of Italian brandy distilled from grape pomace (the solid remains of grapes left over from winemaking). Grappa is… Read more

Irish whiskey

(booze type) A variety of whiskey produced in Ireland. Irish whiskey is generally malty in character, and lacks the smokiness of many… Read more

Japanese whisky

(booze type) A variety of whisky distilled in Japan. Japanese whisky is often compared to Scotch whisky in terms of style, but… Read more


(booze type) A Spanish word meaning “young,” which typically refers to mezcal that is aged for less than two months in oak barrels.… Read more


(booze type) An alcoholic beverage made by adding sugar to a distilled spirit and infusing it with herbs, spices, fruit, or other… Read more


(booze type) Liquor is an alcoholic beverage produced by the process of distilling a fermented mixture—usually grains or fruits. The distillation method… Read more

London dry gin

(booze type) A traditional variety of gin that is notable for its strong juniper flavors and aromas, as compared to a Plymouth gin… Read more


(booze type, garnish) A cherry liqueur distilled from Marasca cherries, produced in the city of Torreglia, Italy. A variety of preserved cherries used… Read more


(booze type) Any distilled spirit made in Mexico from the agave plant. Though they are often discussed as separate categories, tequila is… Read more


(booze type) A Spanish word meaning “mixed” which refers to tequilas made with less than 100% blue agave. Mixto tequila is often regarded… Read more

modern gin

(booze type) A variety of gin that is notable for using a lighter, more citrusy, and less juniper-forward botanical blend than a traditional… Read more

navy strength

(booze type) A term used to describe a spirit, almost always gin, that is bottled at a significantly higher %ABV than a… Read more


(booze type, phrase) An alcoholic beverage typically consumed at night before bed. Although any variety of alcoholic beverage can be considered a nightcap,… Read more

Old Tom gin

(booze type) A variety of gin that was popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Old Tom gin is typically sweeter and… Read more


(adjective, booze type) Used to describe a distilled spirit that is bottled at a significantly higher proof than standard for that category. “Overproof”… Read more

overproof rum

(booze type) Rum that is bottled above the standard 80 proof (40% ABV). The most popular overproof rums are bottled at 151… Read more


(booze type) A variety of brandy produced in Peru and Chile. It is typically clear or light amber in color, and varies… Read more