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Copita Glass

(Sherry Glass)

What is a Copita Glass?

The copita glass (also known as a sherry glass) is a small, stemmed glass ideal for drinking sherry, and is commonly used for tasting spirits such as whiskey. The bowl of a copita glass is typically narrow and relatively tall for its size, sort of like a miniature white wine glass.

Copita glasses make for great nosing and tasting glasses, because they keep the aromas concentrated and easy to evaluate. Many spirits aficionados prefer them over their cousin, the Glencairn glass, for overproof spirits, as they allow them to breathe a bit more and not overwhelm the aromas with alcohol.

There aren’t very many cocktails served in copita glasses, but there are a handful of sherry drinks that could be served in one depending on the situation. In general, though, this is a glass for spirits and fortified wines on their own.

Drinks served in the Copita Glass