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Old-Fashioned Glass

(Rocks Glass, Double Old-Fashioned Glass)

What is a Old-Fashioned Glass?

The old-fashioned glass, also known as a rocks glass or lowball glass, is one of the most common cocktail glasses. It derives its name from the Old-Fashioned Cocktail, which is almost served exclusively in old-fashioned glasses.

Over the years, the old-fashioned glass has gained immense popularity, in large part because it isn’t exclusively used for alcoholic drinks—you probably have a few sitting in your cupboard for juice and water.

An old-fashioned glass is usually defined as a short, cylindrical tumbler glass with a thick base and straight sides, though many variations exist. It’s primarily used to serve drinks on the rocks (over ice), but can also be used for certain neat drinks like the Sazerac. Cocktails served in an old-fashioned glass are usually built right in the glass, or strained over fresh ice after stirring or shaking.

What is a “rocks glass”?

The name “rocks glass” derives from the fact that most of its contents are served on the rocks—whether that’s a cocktail or a straight spirit like whiskey. Finally, the name “lowball glass” (probably the least common) is a reference to the taller highball glass or Collins glass, both of which are tall, straight-sided tumblers. While nobody really refers to drinks as “lowballs,” the term distinguishes the old-fashioned glass from its taller counterpart.

What size is an old-fashioned glass?

Many old-fashioned glasses that are found in home bars actually tend to be double old-fashioned glasses holding a volume of 10 or more ounces, which often is simply too large. At Bevvy, we feel the best size for an best old-fashioned glass is about 6 to 8 ounces, which holds a standard-sized cocktail with enough glass wall left for a pleasing appearance, without making the liquid feel inadequate and overwhelmed by too much glassware.

Best old-fashioned rocks glass

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Drinks served in the Old-Fashioned Glass