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Champagne Flute

(Champagne Tulip, Champagne Glass)

What is a Champagne Flute?

A champagne flute—also known sometimes as a champagne tulip—is a tall, narrow glass used for serving (you guessed it) champagne and champagne cocktails. It usually holds between six and ten ounces, and is great for just about any bubbly drink. Champagne glasses are typically designed with narrow bowls to help limit the loss of carbonation, unlike the more old-fashioned coupe glasses, which lose quite a bit of bubbles through its wide opening.

Though most people only ever use champagne glasses for straight sparkling wine, there are hundreds of classic and modern cocktails that call for a champagne flute. Many of them are brunch drinks, like the Mimosa and Bellini, while others pack a bit more of a punch, like the French 75 and Death in the Afternoon (a favorite of Ernest Hemingway). And of course, there’s always the classic Champagne Cocktail, which is a great place to start since it’s extraordinarily simple.

Drinks served in the Champagne Flute